Morton Salt theory

July 5, 2008 at 6:14 pm Leave a comment

I shouldn’t have waited until July 4 to start cleaning house.  By the time I cleaned + cooked, I was yawning  before company arrived and had to prop myself up to watch fireworks.  This has nothing to do with salt.

So what is the Morton Salt theory?    It’s my personal belief that when it rains, it pours.  We’ve had more than our share of stuff happen lately.  These weren’t earth-shattering events, but they were enough to make me twice as tired as I would have been from cooking, cleaning, entertaining alone. 

(I’ll skip the story about husband setting a tree on fire trying to burn up a roach-infested brush pile on the property and the story of the July 5 early morning power outage…)

THE BUGS.  As company prepared to leave late Friday night, I looked up at the lights in my kitchen and saw bugs.  Dozens of bugs.  Light bugs.  Beetles.  Mosquitoes.  A dragonfly.  Someone apparently left a door open going in/out during the evening, and every bug in the county was drawn to our house.  Before our company was even out the driveway, I was holding the vacuum while husband stood on the counters and sucked ’em up with the hose attachment.  This continued until well after 11:00.

COOL AIR.  Lately, our bedroom has been slightly warmer than the rest of the house.  Now, two degrees isn’t much, but you could actually feel the difference when going from one room to the next.  We decided early today to go to the attic and check the ducts.  Ummmmm, when you live in Oklahoma and go to the attic in July, it should NOT be as cool as your house.  Ours was.  We found the place in the duct that had separated, went to Lowe’s for supplies, and crawled back into the attic to fix it.  I can hardly wait to get our next electric bill.  🙄

 So these are stupid little annoyances that just happened to come one right after another.  Normally, we hope for rain in July.  But if the Morton Salt theory is true (“When it rains, it pours”), I wish it would quit raining for awhile.  I’m tired.



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Is that your final answer? What’s with gas?

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