The BBQ bowl

July 9, 2008 at 9:23 pm 1 comment

After a large meal out here (like the one on July 4), it takes us several days to get all of the pans, bowls, dishes, etc., cleaned and put away—mainly because we have large quantities of leftovers that I gradually size down into smaller containers until the food is gone. 

Two days ago,  I was preparing to freeze the rest of the brisket and decided to have some for lunch.  I put it in a microwave bowl, smothered it with BBQ sauce, heated it up and polished it off right out of the bowl.  (Who needs a plate, right?)  A job well done, but the dishwasher was full so I put the lid back on the bowl and left it on the cabinet for the next load.

Husband came in from work today and decided to spend some time in the garden. I was in town running errands at the time.  When I got home, he had picked two large bowls of green beans and was headed out to pick a bunch of blackberries.  As I was complimenting him on his harvest, he picked up a bowl off the counter and handed it to me. 

“I was looking for something to put green beans in,” he said, “and pulled this out of the cabinet.”  It was the BBQ bowl—still with a fork in it and loaded with leftover KC Masterpiece.  🙄

The only plausible explanation I could come up with (although I didn’t voice it) is that I must have grabbed the BBQ bowl off the counter and put it away with the clean dishes. 

“I don’t know what to say, dear,” I replied.  “I think I’m losing my mind.”

He never said a word…


Entry filed under: Aging gracefully.

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