Cleaning house

August 10, 2008 at 8:03 pm Leave a comment


No, I’m not cleaning my REAL house.  I’m cleaning out my stupid webmail box on my stupid web host’s server.  I try real hard to contain my language on my blog, but I gotta get this complaint out of my system: INTERNET PLANNERS sucks as a web host!

I posted a few days ago about their “upgrade” to my three web sites.  Well, I got an email last week saying one of my webmail boxes was nearly full.  (HUH?  I don’t get my mail from their servers—I have it forwarded FROM their servers TO another email address.)  Anyway, I logged in to their new control panel and used one of several programs (that they said to use) to check my mail.  I pick one, log in, and it shows I have no messages.  🙄

I emailed them to complain, and just got a message from them this afternoon.  I logged in using one of the other mail programs they offered, and sure enough…there are 500+ messages there dating back to the middle of July.  So here I sit as I blog, FUMING MAD, deleting these stupid messages in groups of 20 because their stupid email program won’t let me just dump all of them at once.

Just now, I got a response from them to my last email, in which I told them to either tweak my settings so that they aren’t keeping copies of my email on their servers OR tell me how to tweak it.  Their response?  “How do you read your mail normally?”  Well, duh…if they would look, they could see that I have it set up to forward to another account.

Yes, I’m rambling.  No, it probably doesn’t make sense.  But sometimes you gotta just let a woman b*tch until she’s done.  This is one of those times.


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