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I was wondering today why husbands seem to fit into W words. 

  • Wimp: This husband goes through married life just doing what he is told, when he is told. My dad is a wimp—not that there’s anything wrong with that! 
  • Womanizer: This husband is SCUM.  Plain and simple.
  • Worshipper: This husband waits on his wife hand and foot, anticipating his woman’s every need.  I’ve never really met a worshipper, so it’s possible that he is a myth.  Kinda like Sasquatch.
  • Workaholic: This husband is handy around the house and brings home the bacon.  But he’s not much into anything that doesn’t involve power tools or a salary.
  • Wise-ass: This husband is nice but annoying.  He is a good provider if you can stand to be around him.  Your friends detest him. 
  • Whipper: This husband runs a tight ship and uses his fists to keep his wife in line.  Right up there with the womanizer, he is SCUM.
  • Worthless: See womanizer and whipper.
  • Whiner: This husband is a cranky old fart.  I’m guessing that 95% of husbands over 50 are whiners.  The other 5% are worshippers and wimps who whine quietly.



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