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September 21, 2008 at 1:13 pm Leave a comment

Husband and I made our 20th annual trek to OKC to the state fair yesterday.    He is a fair fanatic—says he would go every day if he could.  I’m more of a good wife…I just tag along so he has someone to pal around with.  🙄

Back in the old days, we would actually spend the night in OKC and go two days in a row.  Now we’re pooped after about five hours.  We don’t do rides or games at the fair, although we used to years ago.  Now we just go and eat and look at stuff in every single building.  

We were extremely disappointed in the fair this year because everything cost more and there was less of it.  Admission is quasi-reasonable at $8, but EVERYTHING has gone up in price!  Food and drink prices were just through the roof, so much so that it wouldn’t be feasible to take a family there without taking out a loan.  Nearly everything (gyro sandwich, chicken burritto) was $7 and drinks were $4.  One of our perennial favorites—cinammon rolls—were $5 each this year! We passed on those for the first time ever.

There were no tractors this year (except New Holland), which was a big disappointment. The new livestock barns were nice, but there were far fewer general exhibitors in most categories.

Husband heard that the Kansas State Fair is much nicer than the one in OKC, so we’re going to head there next year.  Besides, one of husband’s “life goals” is to see every state fair in the country.  With 50 states, we’d be 100 if we only see one each year, so I told him we’re going to have to double up and try to get ’em all done by the time we’re 75.  Just the thought of all those state fairs makes my feet hurt and my hips spread.  The things I do for him… 🙂


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