Size matters

September 26, 2008 at 7:45 pm Leave a comment

Husband bought a new tractor this week.  (So much for the “credit crisis” and companies not loaning money…)  😉

They delivered it Thursday, but husband had to work late.  Then he had to work late today (Friday), and I’m sure he was about to wet his pants all day—just anxious to get home and fire that baby up! 

He wanted to “pretty up” some places at the pond.  You know, places that will eventually be covered with water.  🙄

It took him 10 minutes to get the tractor stuck.  I stood by with my camera, smiling on the outside but laughing hysterically on the inside.  He managed to get it UNstuck quickly, which is a good thing coz I wasn’t about to back my Hemi down there and pull his butt out.  🙂

He’s happy with his bigger, brand new tractor and I guess that’s what matters (since he is making the payments).  I’m sure it will be much better than the smaller one we sold.  HEY!  I wonder if having a BIGGER tractor means he’s going to use BIGGER hand signals when I’m driving it.  I can almost guarantee you I will use BIGGER curse words when I throw the keys and stomp away…  🙂


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