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Part of what I don’t like about aging is worrying about my ailments.

I felt bad all weekend (still do, in fact).  My tummy hurts.  Not “hurts” like in cramps or spasms—but hurts when I touch it. Specifically, on the right side.  

Something like a tender tummy didn’t used to bother me.  If I had a headache, I took aspirin.  If I had a stomach ailment, I took Pepto.  But now I play this game of “either…or…”  It’s either THIS (something bad) or THAT (something silly). 

With my headaches—the bad ones—I figure it’s either a hormonal migraine OR a stroke.  (Aneurysms run in my mom’s family.)  With an unpleasant intestinal experience, I figure it’s either something I ate OR colon cancer (which runs in my dad’s family).  With a sore muscle, I figure I either did something I shouldn’t have OR an it’s autoimmune disease since those also run in my mom’s family.

I figure this particular “tender tummy” syptom is either appendicitis OR gas.  I am either facing surgery OR I am working up the biggest fart ever heard this side of the Mississippi.

Life was much simpler in my 30s.  🙄


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