A National Lampoon Christmas

December 8, 2008 at 10:10 pm Leave a comment

This is our 4th or 5th Christmas in this house—can’t remember for sure.  Anyway, we’ve only done Christmas lights outside one year, and we only did a small amount of those.  We wrapped them in some garland around the 6×6 posts that flank our front porch.  This year, after I wrapped garland and lights around the split rail fence to the side of the house, it somehow looked like we needed more. 

I should mention that husband loves Christmas lights! He’s always been jealous of those people who have way too much stuff in, on, and around their house and yard during the holidays.  When I pointed out that the split rail fence looked nice but it made the house look bare, I thought he’d anxiously take the bait and offer to hang lights on the house.  He did…sort of.

I already had boxes of brand new outside lights—plenty to go along the eaves all along the front of the house.  The problem was he hauled hay all day Saturday and then decided to come home and hang lights.  Not a good idea, considering he was trying to wrangle big round bales without a spike, he has a bad shoulder, and he was too hard-headed to ask for help.  *sigh*  A few minutes of watching him hang lights was all I could stand.  Too many curse words…  😯


Christmas 2006 was much better...

Christmas 2006 was much better...

But he got them done and they worked, so all was well until I decided to plug them into a better cord, one that has a remote control so I can turn it on/off from inside the house. Even that was a great idea until it rained.  Wouldn’t you know that the lights plugged into the cord and hung from the only part of our roof that doesn’t have guttering? 

Needless to say, when it started raining tonight, water began running off that part of the roof and quickly filled the empty receptacles on the fancy plug-in and filled the whole gizmo with water.  After he unplugged it, I poured out the water (and then poured out more and more, and then brought it inside and poured out some more).

Clark Griswald would be proud, I’m sure. 🙄


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