Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

December 28, 2008 at 6:32 pm Leave a comment

Okay, so I’ve had a lot of posts about death and dying lately.  But this one is different.  I promise!  😀

About 10 (?) years ago, I was challenged in a writing exercise to pen my obituary.  I decided to attack it from a humorous, poetic view. 

OBITUARY: Writer, Rita T.

Rita The Writer died Saturday
Slumped over her keyboard, she passed clean away.

Born with a golden pen in her hand
Destined for greatness, her future was planned.

It seems a great novel simmered within her,
A Pulitzer prizewinner from a beginner.

Alas, she was sidetracked by a house full of kids
That temporarily put her work on the skids.

She nurtured them, raised them, she emptied her nest;
With the house finally silent, she refused to rest.

You see, Rita got going at age 41,
She sat down to write, thus began Chapter One.

With passion, with fervor, she scribed day and night,
Her character, her plot, her wording just right.

Chapters two, three, and four followed quickly and then-
Her husband discovered her dead in the den.

The coroner stated it’s unusual indeed
“Too much inspiration, she simply OD’d!”

He explained to her family as they fought back tears
Her talent was bottled up too many years.

“If she’d started years sooner this creative quest
Using the talent with which she was blessed…

Instead, she procrastinated ‘til it was too late
Massive rupture of muse thus sealed her fate.”

“The worst part,” said the minister who delivered the sermon
“Whodunit is something we’ll never determine.

“For we not only bury Rita The Writer
We bury the last chapter still deep inside her.”


Entry filed under: Acting Mature. Or not., Aging gracefully.

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