Bobcats in the boonies

December 29, 2008 at 7:39 am Leave a comment

Someone asked by email recently whether the owls are still tormenting my cats.  With temperatures below freezing for days on end, I could have cared less for awhile.  🙄

Truth is, when we went through a recent stretch of cold weather, the cats mostly stayed in the garage.  But I did see one of the owls circling last night after dark. 

Our most recent visitor—and one we have about this time every year—is a bobcat.  We saw it Saturday morning sitting on the far side of the pond (which is still filling from ground water, believe it or not…).  Then we saw it sitting there again Saturday evening. 

Bobcat on far side of "not yet full" pond

Bobcat on far side of "not yet full" pond

On Sunday morning, I was at the computer in my office when the darn thing strolled past my window!  😯

I ran to get my own cats in as the bobcat walked the full length of the house and sauntered off into the trees.  Husband thinks it’s very cool to see them.  While I’m not afraid of them, I don’t think it’s cool at all.  A few years ago, one bobcat wiped out about half of our guineas in a bloody battle.  We shot that one.  On a related note: a wheat truck took out most of the rest of the guineas on the road later that year.  We didn’t shoot the wheat truck. 

So now we have to watch for owls at night and bobcats in the daytime.  I’m thinking we should get a dog…or put a sign at the road and charge admission for our little wildlife preserve. 😀


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