Bill Gates made me do it

January 3, 2009 at 6:52 pm Leave a comment

I know at least one of my blog readers hates Bill Gates, so he that person will sympathize with today’s topic.   😉

I ate so much “junk” during the holidays that I finally decided to steer clear of the snacks.  It wasn’t so much about losing weight—although I need to do that, too—it was more about wanting to puke every time I looked at the box of Godiva chocolates and the Tupperware container full of Party Mix.  I’ve done really well until today.  (Stay with me here…) 

On Black Friday, I ordered Microsoft Office 2007 and Publisher to replace older versions.  The new software laid on my desk for over a month because I was afraid to install it. I had some big jobs going on and simply couldn’t afford to foul things up. 

Today, I decided to use my laptop as a guinea pig before installing the new stuff on my PC.  The last time I used my laptop was in OKC when Mom was in the hospital.  Other people used it then, too, to watch movies, IM, play games, and who knows what else.  So the first thing I had to do was get rid of the junk on the laptop that I didn’t put there.  Then I decided to download all the current MS updates.  Let’s just say things didn’t go well…

About 30 minutes into the experiece, I was sitting at my desk with a cold can of Coke and a box of crackers and dip, stuffing my face while I watched the progress bar.  (Have you ever tried to eat while holding your breath and crossing your fingers?)

I ultimately survived the updates and the software installation on both comptuers, but it made me a nervous wreck.  I think I hate Bill Gates, too.  The dip wasn’t even that good, and now I have to learn how to use this “new and improved” *cough*cough* software.  🙄

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