The mailbox bandit

January 11, 2009 at 10:19 am 2 comments

The mailbox bandit struck at our house yesterday.  Gee, what some people do for fun…  🙄

Living in the country, you almost expect to have your mailbox trashed occasionally.  In four years, it’s only happened to us once.  Well, twice if you count yesterday—but yesterday the mailbox wasn’t technically trashed so I guess it doesn’t count after all.  Nope, we were hit by the mailbox bandit.

About 7:30 Saturday morning, husband left to go pheasant hunting.  When he got home yesterday afternoon, he pulled over to the side of the road as usual to check the mail.  Problem is, there was no mailbox.  It was gone.  The newspaper holder (for the stupid newspaper that we don’t get anymore) was gone. The 4×4 post that was buried over 3′ in the ground was gone.  All of it—gone.

Husband put on his detective cap and looked around.  There were tracks leading up to the mailbox…you could see where someone had stopped, so it wasn’t just a “hit and run and send the mailbox flying into the ditch” caper.  Instead, someone had driven up to the post, used a winch or hoist or something to pull it out of the ground (because they couldn’t have done it by hand), placed a rock in the hole, and covered the hole up with loose dirt.  🙄  

Husband drove the surrounding dirt roads, thinking maybe someone had taken it and thrown it out nearby.  No such luck.  We called the sheriff (after all, it IS a felony!).  The gal that came out took the report and chuckled.  She wondered if we had made anyone mad, and she specifically asked “Did you run someone off who was out here shooting fireworks?”  Hmmmm.  There was that one time… 😡  But who the heck would be stupid enough to come back and steal our mailbox in broad daylight? 

You’re probably wondering what was so special about our mailbox that someone would actually steal it.  We’re wondering that, too.  It was a $10 gray mailbox from Lowe’s that was bolted to a 4×4 post.  DUH.  I wish I’d caught the little pecker-heads doing it.  I’ve been needing some target practice.  😉

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PART II: H is for… Who am I?

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  • 1. Mooch  |  January 11, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    LMAO….maybe the mailman took it. maybe they have decided since you don’t get a paper you dont need your mail either. You need to get rid of the black cloud.

  • 2. okwriter2  |  January 11, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    maybe they have decided since you don’t get a paper you dont need your mail either

    Mooch, you absolutely MADE MY DAY with that one! :mrgreen:


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