SCORE: Menopause-3 Me-1

January 16, 2009 at 3:05 pm Leave a comment

One of the most frustrating things about menopause is forgetfulness.  Today, for example, I forgot how to “go to town.”  

It’s not that I forgot how to drive or that I forgot the route to take.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to say I forgot “how to get ready to go.”

I usually go to town every Friday to run a church errand.  A few days ago, I was thinking I should ask my dad to go…but today, I couldn’t remember why I thought he might want to go.  (Score one for menopause…) So today I got dressed and gathered up my stuff to go (without him). 

After running the church errand, I planned to go by UPS to ship a box.  When I got to the corner where I should have turned to get there, I forgot and went straight instead. (Score another for menopause.)  Frustrated but hating to waste a trip, I figure I’ll go a square mile out of my way, circle back around, and head to UPS.  That’s when I started looking around the truck for the box I was going to ship—and couldn’t find it.  (Yep, score another one for menopause…the box was at home still on the bed.)

Realizing that a UPS stop would be useless without the box :roll:, I headed on to the Post Office to mail a few letters.  That’s when I drove by a particular business and the light came on.  THAT was why I thought my dad might want to come to town…to check out that business.  (Score one for me! )

I mailed my letters and came on home.  The whole trip—start to finish—only took about 45 minutes but it seemed like days.  Being this forgetful is exhausting.  And just think, it’s going to get worse. PASS THE POST-IT NOTES, CHERI!  😕


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