Why we don’t go out to eat

January 17, 2009 at 10:24 am 1 comment

We only eat out a few times a year.  But we got a gift card from husband’s boss for our local Applebee’s so we decided to use it last night.  The food was good, but the experience was—well… 

On the way to town, we discussed whether or not we thought the economy was keeping people home from restaurants.  We thought it could be.  Just goes to show ya that we are stupid.  😉

We drove past El Chico’s.  They were packed.  We drove past Chile’s.  They were packed.

We drove into the parking lot at Applebee’s.  It, too, was packed.  Not just “busy” packed.  But “full” packed.  No parking spaces on the east side.  None out front.  No luck on the west side, either.  Driving around back, not a single space…  *sigh*  (Don’t people know there is a recession going on???

We parked next door in the video rental store’s lot and walked over.  They told us to prepare for a 15-minute wait.  It only took 5, which was a good sign.  Our waitress server came fairly quickly and took our drink order.  She took our food order shortly thereafter.  We ordered a queso/chip appetizer.  Somehow, we thought the word “appetizer” meant they would bring it soon so that we could eat it while we wait for our meal.  It took 35 minutes to get the dang chips and dip out there—and only because we asked the waitress server TWICE:Can you please check on our appetizer order?”

So the queso and chips finally came and we chowed, but we did so without silverware and napkins. We asked for them, but it took the waitress server another 10 minutes to bring them.

Our meal arrived.  The food was good.  We asked for our check.  The waitress server laid it on the table and walked off.  We looked at it, and it was someone else’s ticket.  🙄

We paid and came back home.  So this time it wasn’t so much the food or the restaurant.  It was more about the server airhead who waited on us.  Either way, it reminded us of why we don’t go out to eat more often.  I’d rather go hungry than do that on a regular basis.  Well, almost… 😀


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SCORE: Menopause-3 Me-1 6+ years of bloody he!!

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  • 1. Cheri  |  January 18, 2009 at 9:18 am

    I always have trouble at Applebees. Maybe they don’t have enough people hired.


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