6+ years of bloody he!!

January 19, 2009 at 5:39 pm Leave a comment

OK, all of you male readers may want to skip this post and come back tomorrow.  Otherwise, if you read it you may NOT come back tomorrow!  😉

This menopause thing could really start to suck.  I’ve always had regular periods.  By “regular” I mean you can set your watch by when it’s going to happen. Until now. 

I had a period on about January 3, which was the weekend before my trip to San Antonio (the “come home to a killer migraine” trip).  Theoretically, I should not have started my next one until January 31.  Ummm, guess what showed up on January 18?  Grrrrrrrrrrr.  👿

So I did the math…  (Disclaimer: my math skills are horrible.)  I’ve been having period for 39 years.  Assuming each one lasts 5 days, I figure I have been bleeding for 2,340 days of my life.  If all of those days were strung together, I’d have bled for over 6 years straight. 

At some point, you’d think MOTHER NATURE would say, “This poor dear has suffered enough” and move on to haunt some teenager for the next 40 years.  But noooooo, she is hanging around to torture me.  If I didn’t hurt so bad, I’d get up and slap the snot out of her.  😦


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