I don’t like mean people

January 31, 2009 at 8:55 pm 5 comments

(No, I’m not complaining about husband…just “mean people” in general!) 

Why are mean people so mean?  Do they mean to be mean?  Or are they just mean and don’t know it? 

I think all of the bad news today is making nice people mean.  And making mean people meaner.

I saw a tee shirt one time that simply read “MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.”  If I had one of those, I would wear it.  Every day.

I’ll bet people sometimes think I’m mean.  I’m not…I’m just going through meanopause, which gives me permission to be cranky.  🙂

A very wise friend of mine (that I haven’t seen in ages!) told me when she retired that she had endured enough mean people to last her a lifetime.  She vowed that from that day forward, she would only spend time doing things or being with people if it made her feel good.  I’m not retired (just tired—of mean people) but I think I should adopt her philosophy.

Know what I mean?


Entry filed under: Acting Mature. Or not., Words of wisdom.

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  • 1. Cheri  |  January 31, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    OK ditto, but what brought that on?

  • 2. okwriter2  |  February 1, 2009 at 10:10 am

    Cheri, I frequent a few online forums, and people seem MEAN these days. It makes me want to be mean back. I’m just gonna quit going places like that. Maybe then, my tongue will quit bleeding—I can only bit mine for so long until I unleash. 😕

  • 3. Cheri  |  February 2, 2009 at 8:58 am

    I know what you mean. When I was watching the inaugaration and they introduced the outgoing President Bush and people booed him and his wife. I told my daughter I don’t care if you agree or disagree but you NEVER show disrespect like that. People just don’t care anymore.

  • 4. Jesus  |  February 4, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    Perhaps the reason they seem mean is because they are a reflection of you.

  • 5. Karen  |  February 5, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    Jesus, that was mean of you…were you in one of those online forums?


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