Getting old is so much fun

March 4, 2009 at 9:14 am Leave a comment

Husband has a bad arm that hurts so bad it wakes him up numerous times during the night.  More specifically, his right shoulder hurts and he can’t raise his arm.  We don’t know what’s wrong…his Hilbilly Healthcare doctor ordered an x-ray and MRI on his neck (?), and now he has patiently waited for over a month for some other test with a neurologist.  That test is next week.  

Yesterday he asked me to help him stake out a dock for the pond.  It takes two people to get it “squared up”—which has to do with where he’ll place the piers.  We were unsuccessful, but that’s another whole story.  🙄

So as we’re standing on the slope that goes down to the water, he slipped and turned his knee (the one he’s already had surgery on at least once…maybe twice?).  I could tell when he went down that it was bad.  He just sat on the ground for a few minutes saying, “OW!  OW!  OW!”

I’m a sympathetic wife.  I stood there and told him “Be careful.  You can’t tear your knee up until you get your shoulder fixed.”

Getting old is so much fun.  NOT!


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