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(RAMBLE ALERT! Caution: the post you are about to read may jump from one subject to the next for no particular reason. Do not be alarmed. I suspect this is a temporary condition.)

My older sister is coming “home” today, so I’ll be leaving shortly to pick her up at the airport.  (In yesterday’s blog, I told about one of advantages of living in a small town.  One of the DISadvantages is that you have to drive at least 100 miles to get to an airport.  :roll:)

Anyway, this will be the first time Sis has been back since Mom’s funeral.  I’ve missed her so much!

Oddly enough, I don’t have any work to do today, which means I am roaming through the house on pins and needles waiting until time to leave for the airport!  Watching the clock is—well, kinda like watching grass grow.  And Lord knows I have plenty of experience watching grass grow—or NOT grow, as the case may be.

Waiting for grass---and rain

Waiting for grass---and rain

 A “dirt” yard is no fun, especially when it rains.  At least we had weeds before they dug the pond.  Now it’s just a vast expanse of dirt with a teeny patch of grass here and there (and some leftover weeds). 

That’s OK.  I imagine Sis and I will spend some time on the dock drinking coffee in the coming weeks—even if we are surrounded by red dirt—talking, laughing, and crying about life and love.  Who knows…we may even abandon the coffee and break out the bottle of Asti Spumante I’ve been hoarding.

Now if it would just hurry up and be time to leave for the airport!!!!


Entry filed under: Acting Mature. Or not., On the homefront.

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