TSA did what???

April 2, 2009 at 11:07 am Leave a comment

On Wednesday, I drove to Wichita to pick up my sister at the airport. It was a fun trip…I stopped on the way and saw some of the gals I work for with. We had a ton of laughs!!

There were only a few minor “issues” in getting where I needed to be.  First, I was on the phone to husband and missed my exit to go see the gals.  Then—relying on directions from Google Maps—I couldn’t find their office.  Thank God for cell phones…

Sis and I only got lost once leaving Wichita.  I’ve been there several times and always manage to escape, but this time proved a little tricky. But having to ask the toll booth guy for directions—which he wouldn’t give me until after I handed over a quarter—wasn’t as embarrassing as having the TSA guy page me on the intercom while at the airport.  🙄 

After we loaded Sis’s luggage into the vehicle, we found out we had to go clear over to the ticket counter to retrieve the dog she brought.  It’s a fairly big dog (and carrier!), so both of us walked down there to get it.  We were on our way back to the vehicle when the announcement came over the PA system: Will the owner of the XXXX with Oklahoma tags please return to the baggage claim area?  *sigh* I mean, I left my purse in there…how long did he really think I’d be gone?  DUH. And of course, he made it a point to tell me that he was “supposed” to ticket all out-of-state vehicles that are left unattended, but he did me a “favor” by not issuing a citation. 

We finally made it back to Enid about 7:00, and got to bed around 11:00.  Long day…but very rewarding. 

Friends and family are priceless!  😉


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WELCOME HOME! Boomer (“Sooner” rather than later)

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