Invasion of bad things

April 19, 2009 at 12:07 pm Leave a comment

Husband finally came home from turkey hunting yesterday.  (The big gobblers will live yet another year…)  I greeted him with the news that we are being invaded by bad things. 

A few days after he was gone, one of my cats was in the garage and alerted me to the fact that there was “something” in there.  Turns out it was a mouse.  Sis and I managed to chase it outside—but not without ripping open and spilling a bag of concrete.  🙄 

I had that mess cleaned up before he got home, but I discovered on Friday that we are being invaded in one of our bathrooms by ants.  We used to see an occasional tiny little ant in there, but these are bigger…and more plentiful…and coming in through the exhaust fan.  *sigh*  I’ve sprayed inside and out, and now I just keep the vac handly and go in occasionally to suck up any strays.

On Saturday morning before husband got home, I discovered yet another mouse in the garage.  🙄 I’ve booted all of the cats out for the year—they are only allowed inside the garage during the winter months.  Besides, there are too many hiding places for them to be able to catch/kill a rodent.

One of those places is the “mechanical” closet, which houses our geothermal heat/air unit.  Like I really need a mouse inside there chewing up wires or escaping into my walls and attic where it can chew into my plumbing.  UGH!!!  I set and put down traps, but so far I’ve come up empty. We’ll keep trying.

Sis is gone with her kids for the weekend, and I realize it’s only one more week until she leaves. Bad things invaded ME, too—my inner demons, I guess—and made me extremely depressed today.  If I had a Mood-O-Meter, I suspect it would be off the charts.  Is it hormones?  Grief?  Tiredness?  Too much ice cream this past week?  I wish I knew. And I wish it was as easy to fix as setting out ant bait or putting down mouse traps.  I keep praying in between varmint hunts.  😉

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