The next best thing

May 8, 2009 at 9:02 pm Leave a comment

This weekend will be my first Mother’s Day since Mom died.  I miss her terribly…my heart is forever broken.

But I’m so fortunate to still have a husband and family members to hug me when I cry, tolerate me when I’m cranky, and listen to me when I need to talk. 

One person in particular—my Aunt Glenda—is the “next best thing” to having my mom.  She was one of the first to come to the hospital in Enid, and she stuck with us day after day and night after night in Oklahoma City the week Mom was there.  Aunt Glenda is the one person who misses Mom more than any of us ever could…because she knew and loved her for so many more years than we did.

I can call her when I’m sad.  Or when I’m happy.  I can call her to complain.  Or just to chat.  I can tell her my secrets.  I can confess things I’ve thought or done or said. She always knows just what to say, and she gives good hugs.

Aunt Glenda, thank you for being “the next best thing.”  😉

To the rest of you…hug your Mom and tell her you love her.  Someday she’ll be gone, and you’ll wish you had another chance.

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