Lighten up!

May 11, 2009 at 2:25 pm Leave a comment

Do you ever wonder why we dream the things we do? 

Nightmares, for example, scare the crap outta me.  If I have one, I wake up and make myself stay awake until I know I can safely close my eyes again without sliding back into the dream.  But sometimes I have pleasant dreams—the kind I wish didn’t wake me up.  😉  Then there are those dreams that are just plain puzzling.  I had one like that last week… 

On Thursday afternoon, I was starting to feel a little migraine-ish, so I took a Maxalt tablet and laid down on the couch. About an hour into my nap, I dreamed that Mom called. I knew she was dead, so I realized she must have something very important to say for her to be calling. I frantically searched for a pen and paper because I wanted to write down her exact words.   🙄

If anyone can…something something something…you can,” she said. In my dream, I heard the whole sentence but I wanted to stall her while I found something to write on, so I said, “HUH?” and made her repeat it.  She did.  I never did find anthing to write with (or on).  *sigh*

Half asleep with my eyes still closed, I tried desperately to remember what she’d said.  “If anyone can…something something something…you can.” Can WHAT?  I couldn’t quite figure it out, and the only thing that came to me was that she was trying to say “Lighten up!”  I drifted off again and slept for another hour. 

Lighten up.  Knowing how sad I was about the looming Mother’s Day weekend, that sounded like something Mom would say.  Sure, I had some pretty tough moments those few days.  Yet every time I got weepy, I thought about the dream and how I should “lighten up.” It made me smile.

Thanks, Mom.  😀  It’s kinda cool knowing you can still lift my spirits without physically being here.  Now, about those nightmares…

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