Calories at the bottom of the box

May 18, 2009 at 10:23 pm Leave a comment

I have a theory about the calorie content when it gets to the last product at the bottom of a box (or the last in the sack, or whatever…).  See, I think those calories don’t count as much as the ones in the first half.

I’m pretty good most of the time about only taking a certain amount of ________ (fill in the blank: cookies, Twizzlers, honey roasted peanuts, CheezIts, etc.) into my office to snack on while I work. I figure that’s a good thing because then I eat only what I took in there rather than mindlessly stuffing my mouth until the whatever it is is gone.

My problem comes when the container of whatever it is is almost empty. Then I tend to just take the rest of whatever it is into my office, even if it’s more than my usual serving. So if my normal snack is two Twizzlers, for example, and there are only six left in the bag, well—I might as well take the whole bag because they are almost gone anyway.

I justify it to some degree by telling myself that once whatever it is is gone, I won’t have to be tempted by whatever it is anymore. Of course, I have to also tell myself that the calories at the bottom of the box (or sack or whatever) don’t really count because—ummmm, I don’t really have the rest of the theory perfected yet.  I’ll get back to you on that.  🙄

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