The problem with customer service (rant alert)

June 19, 2009 at 9:50 pm Leave a comment

So this is partly an extension of my rant on our health care system—and partly a rant about the problem with customer service.

Husband went to his doc in March because his neck and shoulder were hurting so bad (of course, they’d been hurting for months, but that’s another story…). So his doc sends him to a neurologist for an EMG.  We made sure to pick a neurologist on the “almighty insurance list” so as not to be left penniless, even though that meant waiting for six weeks to get in. The neurologist says he definitely has a problem with his shoulder, but he isn’t sure what. And he definitely has carpal tunnel.

Doc wanted to send husband for some other test on his neck, but husband’s shoulder was worse at the time so he suggested to the doc that they follow through with that. Doc orders an MRI on the shoulder.

Lo and behold, we get a bill from the hospital ($2,200) plus one from the radiologist ($230) saying that the insurance denied the claims.

  • I call the insurance company and they say, “His doctor didn’t precertify the procedure” and that they now must get a retroactive precertification. I didn’t know it needed to be precertified in the first place, but I took the phone number of the precertification place that the doctor’s office should have called. 🙄
  • I call the precertification company and they refuse to talk to me because I’m not the patient.  🙄
  • I call the doctor’s office, and the nurse says she didn’t know it had to be precertified either—or that she forgot—she wasn’t sure which—but says she’ll take care of it. 🙄
  • I wait a few weeks, call back, and find out that the precertification folks won’t talk to the doctor’s office, either, because the claim is over 30 days old. 🙄 
  • Doctor’s office sends a letter to insurance company. Doctor’s office called the other day and the insurance company denied on the basis of the letter—said this was “the first they’d heard about a shoulder problem” and that the doctor had to file a form to appeal the decision.  🙄
  • Meantime, we are caught in the middle. I am fighting off the hospital and radiologist, who are threatening to turn the bills over to a collection agency. 🙄

Soooooooooooooo, the problem with customer service, my friends, is that there is NO SUCH THING ANYMORE!  👿


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