My mind has been in the gutter

June 23, 2009 at 1:46 pm 1 comment

My mind has been in the gutter…I mean reeeeeeeeally in the gutter!!!!  

A few days ago, I was sitting on the back porch when I heard a strange noise coming from the guttering. I thought maybe a bird was on the roof pecking at bugs, so I jumped up and looked. No bird.  Later, I heard more noises. Again, no bird.

Then yesterday, I heard some really loud clanging noises coming from the downspout. SOMETHING—I wasn’t sure what—was trapped in there.  😯  Was it a bird that had fallen from the guttering above? Was it a rat, a mouse, or a mole that had somehow gotten in from below?

Now, ours isn’t the usual gutter/downspout arrangement. When we built the house, we buried the downspouts from the front yard, ran them to the back and tied them in with those, then buried them all, angling down the hill. That way, we could use rain from the roof to help fill the pond. Awhile back (I won’t say how long—that’s another story), husband started working on a stream bed so that when it rains, the water from the guttering will flow down the stream and on into the pond. 

Here’s a picture of where the underground guttering appears at the “top” of the stream bed (the two black 5″ tubes).


Here is the view of the house from the “bottom” of the stream bed so you can see how far it is to the house.  (Yes, there is a point to this story.)


Husband came home from work yesterday and we decided to free the “WHATEVER IT WAS” from the guttering. I had wondered and worried for hours about what it might be. He dug up the connection at the house…


Come to find out, it was a box turtle! The dang thing had entered at the stream bed opening and crawled all the way to the house. Then—unable to turn around—it tried to move forward, and the noise I heard “in the guttering” was actually the turtle trying (unsuccessfully) to climb up the metal downspout.  *sigh*

So you see, my mind really was in the gutter.  Not the same one I recall from my youth 😀 but it WAS a gutter!


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  • 1. Karen  |  June 24, 2009 at 9:21 am

    that is so funny!! maybe you need to put some mesh or chicken wire over those openings? hubby is doing a wonderful job on the creek bed, it is so pretty!!


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