A day in the life of…ME!

June 25, 2009 at 4:01 pm 1 comment

I don’t make this stuff up!  I just picked a random day and decided to blog about it!  🙂

4:38 AM – Rise and shine (or in my case, get up and groan).

5:00 AM – Eat a bowl of Corn Flakes; have coffee.

5:15 AM – Go outside and shut off sprinkler to husband’s garden. Spook deer at the feeder (it was too dark to see them). 🙄  Feed cats.

5:20 AM – Work on “to do” list for today and tomorrow. More coffee.

5:30 AM – Review electric bill and decide it is in line with previous summer bills.

5:40 AM – Check emails and visit online forums. Look online at light fixture; find name/phone number of guy at Carnival Cruises.  More coffee.

6:00 AM – Walk to pond to see if dead turtle is still on the bank. It is…and it stinks. Spook deer in trees.  *sigh*

6:20 AM – Reconcile two bank accounts. More coffee (and a couple of Advil).

6:50 AM – Work on article.

7:10 AM – Walk next door to look at what we did on the red house last night. (Silently wonder if we’ll ever finish…) Kill wasp and spill coffee.

7:20 AM – Return home. Top off coffee.

7:45 AM – Walk to pond while heating a cup of coffee in microwave. See REALLY big snake in water!  Return to house for .22 and go back down to shoot it. (Think I missed…not sure.) Walk around pond and shoot two small snakes. Realize a short summer nightie and Crocs are not ideal for snake hunting. Stand on dock awhile but don’t see big snake. Go back to work.

8:20 AM – Walk back to pond to look for big snake. Don’t see it but shoot at two others. Kill one. Return to house to reload.

9:00 AM – Finish article. Decide to walk to pond before starting another. It already feels HOT out and dead turtle by dock stinks worse. Shoot and kill small snake. Aim at turtle but out of ammo (forgot to reload). Go for ammo. Shoot at and wound yet another small snake. Second shot is fatal. Work on second article.

9:55 AM – Finish a third article but need to go back and work on second one. Eat a bowl of Raisin Bran. (The problem with getting up at the crack of dawn is that I need more meals to get me through the day!). Walk to pond. Get hot and sweaty. Play a game of Hearts and lose. Change desktop background pic and delete/move desktop folders that don’t need to be there.

11:55 AM – Take two phone calls, finish second article I started earlier. Walk outside and find cat puke on back porch. Go to pond and see nothing. It’s HOT and the grass is crunchy. Find dead mouse in yard.

12:15 PM – Play two games of Solitaire. Eat my usual lunch (peanut butter on one piece of bread), start a load of laundry, empty and reload dishwasher.

1:15 PM – Quickly walk to dock and back. Feels like “dead turtle smell” is stuck in my nose. Begin looking for “to do” list I made this morning. Find list and start making phone calls…to pay more $$ on cruise…to find a hotel room in OKC for a special occasion…  Find room online and make reservation.  

2:30 PM – Work on church stuff for tonight. Play more Solitaire. Take a work call.  Email friends.  Walk back down to pond. Dead turtle smells so bad that even the flies left. 🙄

3:33 PM – Too late for a nap but realize clean clothes are laying in dryer. Hang up clothes and realize I’ll have to iron what I’m wearing to church.

3:45 PM – Realize I’m too tired to do this anymore.  And I’m very, very, very HOT.  I hate menopause….


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My mind has been in the gutter Happy Anniversary, dear

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  • 1. Cheri  |  June 27, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    I can not think of one good reason to get up at 4:38!


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