Top 10 reasons to love a drought

July 24, 2009 at 7:17 am Leave a comment

We are about 8″ below normal for rainfall…maybe more in our little corner of the world. It is downright depressing to walk to the pond and feed fish. Yesterday, I stood down there and laughed, thinking what an expensive experiment that was.  🙂  But there are some upsides to being this dry.

  1. No mosquitoes. I can actually walk outside without being a buffet to hoardes of hungy insects.
  2. Less mowing. Now that we have two yards to take care of instead of one, this has been a blessing. Especially since we’ve had so much to do inside the old red house.
  3. More pond work. Dry weather gives us an opportunity to add on to the dock (although we haven’t yet) and to build more structure for the fish (although we haven’t yet). But we’ve at least had the opportunity.
  4. Impending floods. I heard once that all droughts end in a flood, and it seems to be true.  So we’ll fill that big mudhole yet.
  5. Less canning. We’ve watered the garden, but it just hasn’t produced this year. That’s good for me—no long Saturdays making blackberry jam or canning green beans. That’s OK.  We’re still eating from last year’s supply.
  6. Cleaner truck. Living on a red dirt road and not having rain, the truck hasn’t needed washed as often. But because of all the dust, it’s not really cleaner. It’s just “less muddy.”

Perhaps I was being optimistic thinking I could dream up 10 good reasons to love a drought. Turns out it was a stretch to come up with 6.

I keep telling husband he needs to dance nekkid in the back yard and shake his wiener at the rain gods.  So far, he hasn’t done it. And I don’t have the proper anatomy. Then again, with my hormones this jacked up, I may grow the tool I need any day now.  Then at least I could say I grew something in this drought.


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