My “thumb thang” was lonely

July 27, 2009 at 8:51 pm Leave a comment

I posted awhile back about my “thumb thang.” I’m counting down now…only 16 more days until I go see the hand surgeon!

Anyway, I guess my ugly ole “thumb thang” wanted some company. It got it—a nice little blister. I’m not complaining, really, because I thought it was going to be a huge juicy blister (or 2 or 12). 

Over the weekend, I decided to grill T-bone steaks.  Like always, I went out, fired up the grill, and then went back inside to doctor the steaks. When I got back outside, I reached for the wire brush so I could scrape the gunk off the racks in the charcoaler. But a nanosecond after grabbing the brush handle, I knew something was wrong.  VERY wrong!

I dropped the wire brush and looked at my thumb, which felt like it was on fire.  It wasn’t, but about 1/3 of it was covered with hot black plastic.  Evidently, the brush handle was a wee bit too close to the grill, which heats up to about 600 degrees. The handle had started to melt, and when I picked it up, it made enough contact with my thumb to coat it with gooey black liquid.  Bummer!  (Well, that wasn’t exactly the word I used…)

Like a good wife, I put the steaks on the grill before going inside to survey the damages to my digit. That few minutes was long enough that the plastic cooled and adhered to my skin. I began trying to “fleck” it off.  No such luck…at least not that I could tolerate.  Instead, I fixed a cup of ice water and finished cooking the meal (and eating!) with my left hand in the cup. Afterward, I was able to ever-so-slowly whittle away at tiny pieces of the plastic until it was gone.

A couple of Advil and a glob of cortisone cream later, it was much better. By morning, the only remaining evidence was a small white blister. So—for awhile at least—my “thumb thang” has a companion. And I’m a little smarter about grilling.  🙂

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