What we did on summer vacation (WARNING: long)

August 7, 2009 at 10:15 pm Leave a comment

The problem with being an adult is that there is no such thing as “summer vacation.” Instead, you get a week—maybe two, if you’re lucky—to do something fun.

This year, we haven’t taken our week.  No, it’s not that we’re still freaked out after last year’s two-week road trip to Maine… 🙂 It’s just that we’ve spent our “summer vacation” (and  I do mean ALL summer) working on the red house next door. That poor house was in decent shape for its age (102 years old!), but it had certainly been mistreated over the years. 

Our goal in June was to (1) paint and install flooring in the laundry room, (2) somehow “remodel” the mud room, (3) have the house re-wired, (4) get the master bedroom done (prime and paint walls and ceiling, finish closet, refinish wood floors), (5) get at least one bathroom in working order, and (6) make the kitchen functional. We wanted to get all of that done before my sister gets here the middle of September.

  1. The laundry room was the first job I finished. Well, it’s painted but the flooring isn’t down.
  2. We did an AWESOME job on the mud room.  I’m convinced that white paneling is a gift from heaven.  We still need to put down flooring.
  3. The wiring is—ummm, still in process.  *sigh* 
  4. The master bedroom is nearly done.  I need to refinish the wood floors.
  5. The bathrooms are waiting until we can troubleshoot at least one leak under the house. And we didn’t see any need in doing that until we set a new hot water heater in the laundry room, and we can’t do that until we install flooring.
  6. The kitchen is nearly done. We still have to install Formica on the countertops.  And the lights have to be installed (see #3).  The walls and ceiling will need painted, but that will wait until later.

So although it seems like there is a lot left to do, we really have come a long way!  And the BEST thing is that someone gave me the name of a painter who does phenomenal work at a great price!  I had already painted the laundry room, but he did the master bedroom and bathroom.  I then hired him to paint the living room and dining room walls and ceilings, which were in a state of mid-repair from the former contractors.

The guy is GREAT, and getting those two rooms done was a bonus that wasn’t on our list! We were impressed enough that he is now painting the siding and trim on the outside. 🙂

So now we’re down to about 6 weeks until sis comes. I don’t think we’ll have a problem putting checkmarks beside the remainder of items. The flooring we need is laying in our garage, and the Formica is ordered. 

Really, the work so far has been rewarding—seeing the old house brought back (sort of) to its original (sort of) condition. The worst part has been the heat…working without AC on the really hot days. But another bonus was finding out the air conditioner DOES work, although not too efficiently. It runs a lot.  For hours on end. 😦

So this is how we spent “summer vacation.”  What did you do?


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