Countdown to surgery

August 12, 2009 at 10:05 am Leave a comment

For weeks now, I thought my appointment with the hand surgeon was on August 12.  Husband had planned to take off work and go with me to Oklahoma City, and I’d arranged my work schedule around that date. Lo and behold, I looked at my paperwork over the weekend, and my appointment was on MONDAY!  This is one reason I hate doctor appointments…you have to actually remember when to show up.  *sigh* 

After re-arranging priorities (his day off, my schedule), we went to the appointment on Monday.  I have what is called a “giant cell tumor.” Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it?  I would have something GIANT!  And the word “tumor” doesn’t mean it is cancer. It’s just the name for this—ummm, thing.


I had hoped they could take it off right then and there, but it is a “solid mass” and close to a nerve, which means they have to do the surgery at the hospital.  We’ll go to OKC very early next Tuesday (8/18) and have the little buger removed. Thankfully, I won’t have general anesthesia—they simply “block” my arm and (I suspect) give me a little dose of “feel good” stuff in an IV.

The rest of this week is hectic…trying to tie up loose ends since I don’t know how long I’ll be away from my keyboard. I think the doctor said something about stitches for 10 days, but I suspect the only thing I’ll be skipping for 10 days is kitchen duty!  

PLEASE: No flowers, gifts, or chocolates from all you adoring fans.  If you will, just say a little prayer (or a GIANT one) that things go well next Tuesday. 

Well, I guess chocolate would be okay.  🙂


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