The “butt ‘n gut” treatment

September 2, 2009 at 9:26 pm Leave a comment

My thumb is healing nicely. I was admiring it today and wondered whether I could get something similar done to other parts of my anatomy.

The “thang” that used to be on my thumb was really unsightly. Probably more so to other people…I was kinda used to it. It was probably about the size of a marble, and it just—well, stuck out.  But as I examined my digit today, I was impressed by the flatness of the side where the tumor used to be.

So I got to thinking…I wonder if they could remove some “stuff” from my hiney and my abdomen and make them flat, too.  You know, a “butt ‘n gut” treatment of some sort.

On second thought, the pain of recovery and the horror of having stitches removed was so recent——-OOPS!  I just remembered that I promised not to whine about that any more.

Never mind. Just sign me up, doc! And don’t forget to call in the pain meds. 🙂

Entry filed under: Hillbilly Healthcare.

I’m a pretty tough old bag but… Welcome to “Old Lady-dom”

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