The iguana smuggler is coming!

September 15, 2009 at 10:13 am Leave a comment

My older sister PJ (aka Patti) is coming TOMORROW! I’m so excited that I could pee my pants. (Well, I get that urgency quite often, so I guess it’s nothing new…)

I sometimes refer to her in conversation as “the iguana smuggler” because of one particular incident when she was flying from Maine to St. Thomas. She isn’t REALLY an iguana smuggler, but she has a pet that—  On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t reveal details about her travel habits. Let’s just say she had a nasty encounter with TSA on one of her trips. 🙂

PJ will be here for three weeks this trip, and it will be her first opportunity to see the “red house” that we’ve been working on all summer for her.  She saw it when we bought it, but it was in wretched shape and full of trash from the previous owner.  We’re excited… and she’s excited… and this will be a fun-filled visit!

The agenda while she is here includes having a garage sale. My mom was a horrible pack rat, and sister Sherri has spent the last year going through literally everything in the house (and garage and attic and outbuildings) to see what we need to sell.  Selling Mom’s stuff sounds kinda depressing, but I hope it’s not.  On the contrary, I hear there is way more “stuff” than any of us ever imagined, and it will take all week to sort and price it before the sale. We’ll probably end up cursing Mom before the week is over.   🙂

I also suspect that afterward, we’ll shake our heads and return home to do some purging of our own… 


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