The TWO-FIVE haunting

October 14, 2009 at 9:10 am Leave a comment

We had a very unusual experience with TWOs and FIVEs on our short vacation.  So unusual, in fact, that we looked at each other at one point and said, “Cue the Twilight Zone music!” It started at the beginning of our trip but didn’t become apparent until later. 

When we checked into our hotel in Branson, we didn’t think much about checking into room 225. But then on the way home, we stopped and spent the night in Joplin.  Lo and behold, we got room 225

That night, we visited the Downstream Casino.  When we went to eat there, we placed our order and we were given a “wait” number of 52. The next day on the way home, we stopped to eat lunch at McDonald’s and—you guessed it—we were given the “wait” number of 52.

So why all the coincidences with TWOs and FIVEs on this trip?  I dunno.  After it happened, we played a string of TWOs and FIVEs on a lottery ticket.  Evidently that wasn’t it or I would be somewhere tropical sipping on a fruity drink instead of home blogging. 

I know there is something called numerology that says certain numbers mean certain things… Yeah, and I bet it works about as well as strapping a dead chicken to your neck and dancing nekkid during a full moon to try and make it rain enough to fill a newly exacavated pond. Not that we ever tried that or anything… 🙂


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Beer cans and cow turds — we love ’em! Time flies…

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