The problem with technology

November 5, 2009 at 9:36 am Leave a comment

The problem with technology is that—well, I don’t get it!

I’ve been without a router for over a year since my last one crapped out. I hadn’t been using my laptop at home anyway, so it didn’t seem like a big deal.  Then came the “butt pain,” which meant sitting in my home office chair was out of the question, and a new router quickly became a priority.

I went to Staples early last week and bought one. I had coupons and a gift card, so I snagged a $100 router for less than $40.  You’d think with a computer and laptop that are only two years old, it should have been a breeze to set up.  You’d think that, anyway…

After a few sessions of trying, I gave up.  At one point, I had it where I could access my desktop from my laptop—but not the Internet.  So then I tweaked settings and tried one thing or another and Googled for solutions until finally, I just gave up.

So I had my “butt injec tions” Tuesday of this week, and my hiney is still sore.  (I think it’s just from the injections and that my tailbone pain is better…time will tell). This morning I thought, “What the heck, I’ll try again on the router.”  I plugged it in, booted up my laptop, and BINGO.  It works! 🙂

That doesn’t mean it will work next time or the time after that, but for the moment, it sure is nice to sit comfortably on the sofa and blog work. I guess when it comes to technology, I don’t have to “get it.”  I just have to be persistent—a trait where I sometimes fall short. If only I fell short in the “butt pain” department, I’d be good as new!

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