Practicing for retirement…

November 7, 2009 at 7:33 am Leave a comment

I’ve learned (yet again) to be careful what you ask for.  I casually mentioned a few times in the last year or so—usually while in the midst of a really heavy workload with tough deadlines—that I’m ready to start practicing for retirement. What I meant at the time was “I’m ready to slow down, put my feet up, and just rest for awhile.”

Then came my tailbone issue, and my prayers were answered.  “Slow down, put my feet up, and rest for awhile” has consumed most of my time each day.  But I’ve also seen more than my share of doctors lately.  And I’ve whined loudly about my aches and pains. And I’ve attended too many funerals. And not working has meant less income.

So you see, I asked for my idea of retirement: rest and relaxation.  Instead, I got the real deal, and I haven’t liked it much. 

I’m ready to go back to work!  🙂


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