OMGosh! Some people are SO RUDE!

November 21, 2009 at 9:10 am Leave a comment

Cheri and Karen – you are two of my faithful blog readers and you both work at financial institutions.  Please don’t take offense at this post.  🙂

On Friday, I was going into town to run some errands. Sis asked if I would stop and deposit a couple hundred dollars cash into her credit union account. She didn’t have the account number, but rattled off her Social Security number, which I jotted down on a Post It note, along with sis’ name as it appears on the account.

At the credit union, I waited in line at the drive-through (four cars deep). When it was my turn, I sent the bills in with the Post It note and pushed the “Call” button.  The teller came on the video screen and asked what I wanted done with the money. I explained that I didn’t have the account number but asked her to look it up by the Social and name on the piece of paper and deposit the money into that account.

She said, “There is no note.”  I argued that there was and asked her to look again.  Meantime, I am frantically searching in the truck, but the piece of paper was nowhere to be found.  This exchange repeated itself several times until finally, the teller sent the tube back. I yanked out the money, mumbled a few choice words, and drove around front to park.

When I walked into the lobby and got in line (six people deep), I called sis from my cell phone, asked AGAIN for her Social Security number, and loudly said, “I don’t know how you deal with these idiots at XXXX Credit Union.”  I went on to explain (in a voice where others could hear) about the lost Post It note with her SS# on it.

As the line moved and I finally got to a teller, I asked her to look up the account number and make the deposit, which she did.  I then explained what had happened at the drive-through and asked (sarcastically) if the “tube” made stops along the way between the vehicle and the tellers.  She said it didn’t but agreed to go back into the drive-through teller area and ask about the note.  Of course, she came back saying that there was no note with the money.

I was steamed!  And my mind was racing as I left the bank, worried about sis’s name and Social Security number floating around “somewhere” and what could happen if someone got their hands on it.  Leaving the building, I even looked around the parking lot just in case I hadn’t sent it in after all and it had blown out of the truck. No such luck.

Then I unlocked the truck and opened the door.  There beside the seat was a Post It note laying upside down.  I turned it over and… ummmm, like I said: Some people are SO RUDE!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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