Women that like sex over 50

November 26, 2009 at 7:21 am Leave a comment

I decided to look again the other day at what search terms people have used to find my blog recently.  Last time I posted about it, the list was rather entertaining… Seems it is equally strange this time around. I don’t make this stuff up!

Lonely women over 50 – This one has stalker written all over it.  Or loser.  I’m not sure which. 🙄

Over 50 I’m so ugly – This person obviously hasn’t come to terms with what happens to a woman’s body as she ages.  Welcome to my world…  🙄

Hot women over 50 – I think this one showed up on the previous list of bizarre search terms. Evidently, the person is still searching. Lotsa luck…  😉

Women that like sex over 50 – Keep looking. You won’t find that woman here. 😉

Over 50 sex pictures – Oh…my…gosh. What sick-o wants to see pictures of people over 50 having sex? It’s bad enough to see it up close and personal!    🙄 

Women over 50 peeing – Alrighty then… 🙄

Women over 50 doing something unusual – Define “unusual.” In my house, that would be cooking and cleaning. And having sex.  ❓

Old lady butt cam – This one ranks right up there with “Women over 50 peeing.” We have a “game cam” set up outside to see what wild animals do at night, which I’m pretty sure would be far more interesting than any pictures you’d see on an “old lady butt cam.”  🙄

Old women with bib butts – What the heck is a bib butt?  ❓

Bras for women over 50 – Ummmm, forget it.  There isn’t a bra made that will help 50-year-old boobs.  🙄

Until next time………..this is your favorite “lonely, ugly woman over 50 with saggy boobs and a bib butt” signing off to “go pee“! Wanna watch?  :mrgreen:


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