My slumber(less) party

December 2, 2009 at 10:26 pm Leave a comment

I’ve never understood why a party where nobody sleeps is called a slumber party, so I’ll call it what it is: a slumber(less) party—and I’m having one!

I’m posting this Wednesday night because I’m having the next round of injections to fix this darn tailbone on Thursday morning. I have to fast after midnight, so I figure if I stay up late, maybe I can sleep in (later than 4:00 AM at least…) and the morning will go by faster. I’m not very nice without my morning coffee!

If you’re reading this Thursday, I am either (a) sitting in the doctor’s office waiting—because they love to make us wait, don’t they?—OR (b) I am laying on a table, butt cheeks pointed to heaven, with a big long needle stuck into my spine OR (c) I am safe at home afterward sleeping off the Michael Jackson sedatives.

Instead of dwelling on it, I think I’ll finish my glass of wine and try to remember what else they do at slumber parties. Let’s see…I could paint my nails, fix my hair, or make prank calls to cute boys…. SLEEP is sounding better all the time. 🙂


Entry filed under: Acting Mature. Or not., Hillbilly Healthcare.

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