Tempting fate (TMI)

December 17, 2009 at 8:36 am Leave a comment

If it’s not one thing, it’s another… Here is my WHINE party for the week. 

My last round of tailbone injections was two weeks ago, and the site where they did the shots has quit hurting.  My tailbone is much improved, and I’ve migrated from the sofa and back into my office to work.  That’s the good news.  Or should I say, “That’s the ONLY good news!?”

  • This is Day 5 of no heat in the house. I called yesterday, and it will be next week before the part is in.  The contractor tried to convince me that we are lucky… because the “part place” closes down from Christmas until after New Years.   Uh, yeah.  I feel lucky… 🙄
  • Despite my tailbone feeling better, I’ve developed some sort of “head” condition—not sure if it’s an allergy or a head cold.  It could be the Christmas tree we bought Saturday, our first real tree in several decades. Or it could be the firewood we’ve been dragging into the house and throwing in the fireplace.  Or it could be I’ve picked up a “bug” during one of my trips to doctors’ offices lately.  Whatever it is, my head hurts and my nose is raw. Just call me Rudolph.  🙄
  • I showered yesterday before going to town for my mammogram and put on a new pair of white undies.  You ladies who still receive monthly visits from the Period Fairy know that putting on a brand new pair of undies is tempting fate…and fate won yesterday.  🙄

The only good thing about today is that it’s Thursday, which means it’s only one more day until Friday, which means nothing—except that I am one day closer to my cruise. I’m hoping for a warm cabin, a fruity drink (with an umbrella), and a “No Period Fairy” zone. Do they have those zones on cruise ships?  :mrgreen: 


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Chill (and chili) that lingers Heat + headache trumps holiday cheer

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