I tried… I really tried…

March 15, 2010 at 5:48 pm 3 comments

I tried hard to make make March a month of gratitude, but I only got through half the month.  Some days ya just gotta gripe, and today is one of those days.

I don’t like going to town.  ANY day.  But today I had to go 3 times.  🙄

First, I called the car dealership and talked to the service department—but it sounded like a kid on the phone. I told him the passenger seat belt on my Cadillac quit working (it wouldn’t retract). He said he’d talk to the parts department and call me back. I told him I’d be gone to town and to leave a message.

My first stop in town was at Walgreens to fill the presciption my eye doctor wrote for me last week.  (Hey, better late than never!)  So I go inside to the pharmacy and give the lady my piece of paper. She asked if I wanted to wait for it, and I asked her how long it would take.

“About 15 minutes,” she says.  I had other stops to make, so I told her I’d be back in about 30 minutes.

“Give us 45 minutes to an hour,” she said.  HUH? I’m not a math whiz, but how does it go from 15 minutes if I wait, to an hour if I leave and come back?  Whatever… I left and came back, and it was ready.

When I got home, the kid at the dealership had called and left a message.  “They don’t make that part anymore, and we can’t work on seat belts for liability reasons.”  😕  I looked up Cadillacs toll-free number online within minutes, but I didn’t call right then.

After I went back to town to drop something off—I’d bought ink at Staples on my first trip and had to print and take something to the CPA, who by the way was closed for lunch when I got there—I again called the dealership.  This time, I talked to the service manager, who explained that the “kid” was the boss’ son.  Figures…  He told me to come by so he could look at the seatbelt.

Soooooooooo, I went back to town for the third time.  Lo and behold, the service manager yanked a couple of times real hard on the seat belt and I was good to go.

RANT OVER. And the day ended well because husband stopped at the Dollar Store and bought caramel cookies.  🙂  I’m hoping for a quiet Tuesday, and I apologize for falling off the GRUMP WAGON.

Entry filed under: Acting Mature. Or not., On the homefront.

On March 12, I am grateful for… Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • 1. MaryAnn  |  March 15, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    But Rita, I bet your blessings out number your problems.

  • 2. Ann Solinski  |  March 15, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    I feel a little guilty laughing at your expense but do it all the same.

    That kid at the dealership sounds scary. Reminds me of the time I was trying to find an attorney to handle my bankruptcy over 20 years ago. The attorney’s daughter was answering the phone that day. When I asked the fee for legal services, she said ‘whatever you have left.’ The vote is still out if she was a moron or a genius.

    I am glad you made it safely home all those times, nothing resulted in charges being filed and that caramel cookies found you. I am almost out of my cache of Girl Scout cookies so things could get ugly around here soon.

  • 3. okwriter2  |  March 16, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    MaryAnn: You are right. I have way more marks in the Win column than in the Loss column. But it’s just more fun complaining!!

    Ann: No charges yet—even after Tuesday, and you KNOW how that day went. Have you noticed that boxes of Girl Scout cookies contain fewer cookies each year? I went through two boxes in two days…and we only bought three boxes.


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