Congrats to the happy couple!

March 19, 2010 at 6:53 am Leave a comment

My niece, Jen, gets married in Tulsa this weekend.  I love that girl with all my heart, and I am so happy for her! Her fiancé Chris loves to fish, and he knows he is getting a real “keeper”!

Jen is a fun—and funny—girl who loves to laugh, and she has a great attitude about life.  She is also very compassionate and caring.  I came to truly understand the depth of her personality when my mom was in the hospital.

When Jen was a baby, she and Mom spent hours together.  One night after Mom’s surgery (before she went back on the ventilator), she and Jen were in the room singing all of the songs they sang together when Jen was a child.  Jen held her hand and gently touched and loved on her for hours.  Mom’s words were mostly whispers, and sometimes she simply “mouthed” the words.  But it is one of my most precious memories of that horrible week—watching as the they traveled back to happier times and seeing the roles reversed, with Jen the comforter for her ailing Grandma.

The weather is supposed to be a challenge on Saturday, the first day of spring…a winter storm warning and possibly 6-14″ of snow.  But at 4:00 PM when Jen walks in the room and journeys down the aisle to join Chris in front of friends and family, we will all feel the warmth of Mom’s love.  Come hell (or heaven!) or high water, she wouldn’t miss the day!


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