Town is a scary place

August 26, 2010 at 9:27 am 3 comments

I’m hosting a baby shower this Saturday, so that means I’ve made a few trips to town this week.  Town is a scary place!

Yesterday, I went to Store#1 to round up plates, wrapping paper, decorations, etc. It was closed.  Permanently.  As in: out of business.  NOTE TO SELF: You should get out more often. It was still open two years ago!

On to Store #2. When I got ready to check out, I noticed the credit card swiper thingy. Usually, I let clerks do it but yesterday I decided to be a big girl and do it myself. The machine had a place to select DEBIT or CANCEL. I asked where the CREDIT button was, and the girl told me I had to use a debit card. You don’t take Mastercard credit cards? I asked. “Yes, but only if it’s an American Express debit card,” the manager answered from a nearby register.  I looked puzzled but repeated my question. She repeated her answer. Hmmm. I paid cash and left the store, still trying to figure out what had just happened.

I escaped store #3 with little hassle…except for the item I knocked off the shelf onto the floor. Thankfully, it wasn’t fragile.

When I got home, I remembered something I’d forgotten—and also realized that Store #2 had overcharged me for an item. I bought two “widgets” and was charged 90 cents for one and $3 for the other.

I decided to go back to town.  At Store #1 on this trip, which was the same chain but different location as Store #2 on the first trip, I picked up what I’d forgotten to buy (paid cash this time—I’m a quick learner about those American Express debit cards) and asked the clerk if she could refund my money for the overcharge at the other store. She couldn’t so I head across town to get my $2 back.

Gas was cheap ($2.38/gallon) so I pulled into a station, swiped my card, and selected the cheapest grade. The pump read $2.48/gallon. Hmmm. I went inside the store and asked the clerk how much gas was. “It’s $2.38,” she said. When I told her the pump didn’t reflect that, she explained that the cheap price is really only on one pump and it’s something called E10.  I said I’d just cancel my transaction, and I walked out. Well, evidently you can’t cancel a transaction once a purchase has been authorized. So I pumped three cents worth of gas and drove away. It only cost me two cents, though, because I found a penny in the parking lot.  Finding a penny used to mean it was your lucky day. Hmmm.

I then went to Store #2 (from the first trip) to get my refund on the overcharge. I explained it to the manager and showed her my two items and receipt. She told me the $3.00 one is a newer model. But they look the same, I said. Then she tried to tell me it was newer packaging. Okay…well then why was it hanging with the ones on sale? I asked. At that point, she walked me back to the sale row and gave me another 90 cent one. Despite being extremely frustrated by that point, I was still nice.  Almost too nice—I forgot she still had to issue my refund and nearly walked out without it.

For the life of me, I don’t understand how people become shopaholics. Do they really thrive on this stuff?  It’s a scary place out there, and I’d be perfectly content to never, ever leave home again! Hmmm.


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  • 1. Rita  |  August 26, 2010 at 10:01 am

    I just realized that I left out yet one more stop. I had issues there, too. The girl should have charged $41.49 to my card. Instead, she had to print it in two tickets—one for $36-something and another for the balance.

    Suddenly, I see the power of 2s here. Two tickets at that store, two widgets bought, two cents worth of gas, two trips to town, Store #2 charged me too (2) much and had to refund $2. Hmmmm.

  • 2. Karen  |  August 26, 2010 at 11:52 am

    I’m so with you….I hate shopping!!

  • 3. Kathy  |  August 26, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    I am so happy you were able to find your way home after a day like that. LOL


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