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I am celebrating this holiday weekend…husband sold the tractor!  YEAH!!  😀

The old tractor

The old tractor

We bought the tractor used soon after we bought this place.  It was small enough that I felt comfortable using it (because he wasn’t able at the time) yet big enough to move dirt and mow and dig out stumps and stuff.  But you know how men are—it’s all about size.  He wanted something bigger, so he came home from work Thursday and told me he’d placed an ad in the paper.

When it comes to buying and selling, husband never wants to pay much as a buyer, but he always wants “new” price when he is the seller.  I wasn’t surprised when he told me his asking price for the tractor, but I was surprised when he came off that price a BIG chunk and actually sold it to the first looker.

What does this mean to me?  Well, it means I’ll have to learn to drive a new tractor.  But I’m hoping it will be easier to run, which = less naughty words exchanged between the operator and the boss.  🙄

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Oh, deer Happy “Get Your Butt Back to Work” Day

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